We are here to protect your viewers

Manually deleting the harmful comments is time consuming

Ever had to manually deal with the never ending amount of scam & spam in your comment section?
Ever banned 1 impersonator account and 5 more sprung up in their place?
Ever felt that YouTube Studio doesn’t have enough functionality and flexibility to help you deal with the ongoing scammer situation?
If you have said yes to any of these,

We welcome you to YTGuard!
Your one-stop solution to all your problems with malicious comments.
YTGuard guarantees that you wouldn't need to lift a finger to remove unwanted spam, you can leave that to us.

- We have over 95% success rate on automatically detecting scam & spam in your comment sections
- We are continuously improving our algorithms to increase the detection rate.

- Extensive research is done on most targeted YouTube Channels to develop inhouse solutions to automatically detect and erase harmful comments

- This also serves to protect your image as well as your keeping your viewers safe.

Why Us

We will save you time!
We never sleep! Our software runs 24/7 even when you are asleep.
We offer a 3 days No-Strings Attached trial.
We ensure to keep up to date on our identification & detection of new scams on YouTube.

Time Saver

No more spending hours upon hours manually deleting spam & scam on your videos

Customized for You

Every client will get custom detection rules that are tailored to your channel for maximum potency

Daily / Weekly Reports (optional)

Daily / Weekly Reports will be sent to your email indicating the amount of spam & scam cleared

Support Channels

We will include support channels to help assist any query that you might have

Examples of Scams Targeted

These are the multiple ways scammers interact with your YouTube audience

Contact Us

interested in getting a 3 day trial?
Please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You may also contact us directly at info@ytguard.com

Using a refferal code entitles you to 2 weeks of trial and extra discounts

Let's talk about your needs

    Questions and Answers

    Please contact us with any other questions you might have. We strive to answer as soon as possible

    We strive to provide the best for our clients, hence we do not have a fixed charge since no two channels are the same.

    Pricing is decided based on the number of comments, new video frequency and the amount of malicious comments detected on your YouTube channel.

    – To ensure that we are able to execute the comments clean up, you have to add the moderator* status for our service accounts.

    *This is purely a permission based setting and we need this to interact with your comment section to facilitate the clean up.

    A rough representation about how our services work are presented right here

    Once you decide you want to trial our services,  we require you to add our service accounts as moderators so that we can technically run the cleanup.

    Fret not! Our software is frequently ran in the backgroun and scans through the comments every few minutes. New scam comments are promptly removed!